AceDayWalker - Northampton dog walking - Care and exercise for your dog's needs
Dog walking at Abington Park, Northampton
Terms and Conditions
Before your first dog walk or puppy home visit I will arrange with you a convenient time to come and meet yourself and your dog, and discuss your needs and wishes. I may also take your dog for a short walk in your local area if necessary (free of charge, of course!), and you are welcome to come along!! 
Any keys provided will be kept securely and separate from customer information, and will not be linked to addresses. All customer details will be filed securely.
I will poop scoop after your dog, and after our walk, will clean their feet and towel dry them if wet. Before I leave I will also check their water bowl is topped up. It is the owner's responsibility for the upkeep of vaccinations and flea/worming treatments.
By law all dogs need to wear name tags on their collars!
If your dog is likely to bite a muzzle must be provided for him to wear.  I am, of course, very happy to walk the dog, but the safety and security of all people and pets is priority.
You can be assured that I will make every effort to care for your dog whilst it is under my supervision, and that its health and safety are my primary concern. If, in the unlikely event it becomes necessary, The owner must give consent for myself or a vet to make any health, safety, or welfare decisions on your behalf if I'm unable to contact you. The pet's owner will maintain responsibility for the cost of any vetinary treatment given. 
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