AceDayWalker - Northampton dog walking - Care and exercise for your dog's needs
Dog Walking
I offer walks around some of Northampton's most scenic large parks, or alternatively can take your dog for a more structured street walk if you require. The walks are either a full hour or a half hour.
I usually walk the dogs in a small group with other carefully selected compatible dogs, so they can interact and socialise, which is known to be very important for a stable temperament. Alternatively I can take your dog out individually if requested/necessary.
Either way you can be sure your dog will be getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, and lots of stimulation!
I will walk your dog on leash, but, upon request, can give your dog an off leash walk once a good bond and recall is established with him.
After our walks I am more than happy to leave a little note to let you know where we've been and what we have done whilst out together.
Dog Training
I have given basic training to many of the dogs that I've walked, and am happy to offer this service to any of my customers whilst on our walks FREE OF CHARGE. Whether you want your dog to walk better on the lead, or if he requires a little more socialisation - if I can incorporate it into his walks, I will do.
If you would like more structured dog training, I am happy to accommodate your needs. This kind of training is on a 1 to 1 level with your dog and is charged separately to the walking (please enquire).
I am always more than happy to give free advice on anything that is within my experience (with dogs, or any other animals).
Puppy Play
Young puppies need lots of time and attention during the early months of their lives.
If you have to leave your new family addition home alone during the day, I can come to your house for a 'puppy visit'. I can feed your puppy, let him out for toilet breaks, play games with him, and maybe most importantly; simply provide some company, as dogs are pack animals just like us.
Pet Sitting
If you need somebody to look after your pet whilst you are away from home, look no further! I can accommodate your best friend and you can have that peace of mind that your pet is in an animal loving household. Dogs that are housed with us receive at least an hour walk each day. If your pet has any special exercise or diet requirements all you need do is let me know!
It is important to us that your pet becomes a member of our house during their stay with us.
Pet Taxi ****New Service******
I offer a taxi service for those times when you need to get your pet to the vet (or any other location for that matter!). I have crates to securely house your pet whilst travelling and you don't have to be one of my current clients to take advantage of this service!! The rate for this is £9.00 if the destination is within a 10 mile radius of Abington Park, Northampton (for any other destinations please ask).
Other Pet Services
I have many years of experience caring for/owning a variety of small domestic animals and reptiles. If you are away on holiday or business, I would be happy to pop in to feed and clean out cats, hamsters, lizards, snakes etc. I will also remove mail from sight of the doorway and open/close curtains for extra security and peace of mind.
dog walking with Apollo at the Mill in Northampton
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