AceDayWalker - Northampton dog walking - Care and exercise for your dog's needs
Dog walking at Bradlaugh Fields, Northampton
Welcome to AceDayWalker!
No dog is too large, No dog is too small!!
If you have,
  •  work commitments (ie long hours)
  • a health or mobility issue
  • a very strong or lively dog
  • appointments to keep
  • a difficult to control or possibly aggressive dog
Let AceDayWalker help by taking your dog out for you!
My goal is simply to help as many people as possible to keep their dogs healthy, active and mentally stimulated. As an animal lover I believe it is essential for us to give our dogs a good walk every day, but being a family man myself, I understand that in these times our other responsibilities and busy routines can conflict with this.
This is where I come in!
I love getting my own, and other people's dogs outside for nice walks around Northampton Town's parks, and allowing them to socialise and burn off energy that, if left, can often be released in undesirable ways  - the eating of the sofa, door frames, kitchen table etc...!!
Whether it's a lively run-around with a young adolescent, or a relaxing stroll for the elder dog, a good walk with AceDayWalker will help to keep your best friend happy.
***I am CRB checked and insured, and offer a friendly, yet professional service, using only humane methods.***
****Customer satisfaction is my number one priority, and I can supply references from current and previous customers if required.****
Large and Giant breeds - no problem!!
Some of my clients own large or giant breeds such as the bordeaux, rottweiler, dane etc which they can struggle to find capable walkers for. I am physically very fit and strong, and am very experienced with these types. I have absolutely NO PROBLEM walking these dogs, and giving the owners peace of mind that their dog is in good hands.
About Me
As mentioned, I am a family man, my partner and I have five children. I have always had pets and have been an animal lover from childhood, very much enjoying living and working with them. At present we have several pets that are part of our family; three cats, a snake and of course - a dog (an American Bulldog named Apollo).
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